Procurement & Sourcing Support

Evolve Surplus offers procurement support for clients requiring specialist equipment, materials or infrastructure. Evolve Surplus can augment existing supply chains and also offer an alternative solutions which can significantly reduce lead times and capital expenditure. Our organisation works to support operations and clients regardless of the location or logistical challenges.    

Divestment Planning & Program Management

Evolve Surplus are able to manage all aspects of equipment and infrastructure divestment. Our strength is developing models which generate the greatest value for the client. Our divestment  solutions always focus on delivering more sustainable project outcomes. 

Sustainability Reporting & Life Cycle Assessments

Evolve Surplus is able to measure and report the emissions savings generated through our activities and engagements. Our organisation can also coordinate independent assessment and certification of emissions reductions.

Project and Campaign Equipment Support

Evolve Surplus provides support for teams planning or executing campaigns, tenders, field developments, or other specific work programs. Our organisation creates solutions to clients which can significantly reduce lead times and capital expenditure.

Logistics, Storage and Spares Management

Handling of specialist equipment in the energy and resources sector can be expensive and challenging. Evolve Surplus can work with clients to manage these functions in a cost effective manner. Evolve Surplus has a proven capability to manage logistics and storage in multiple locations throughout the world. 

Decommissioning & Closure Solutions

Evolve Surplus offers support and solutions to clients who are planning decommissioning or closure activities. Evolve Surplus have demonstrated capability in providing support to clients relating to specialist equipment and infrastructure prior to project closures or operational cessation. Our goal is to provide alternatives which generate more sustainable outcomes for end of asset life projects.  

Coordination of Testing, Preservation & Maintenance 

In order to facilitate the reuse of specialist equipment, Testing, Preservation and Maintenance is required. Evolve Surplus can coordinate and provide support for Testing, Preservation, and Maintenance by qualified independent third parties throughout the world. Evolve Surplus have demonstrated capability in coordinating these functions with highly reputable service providers in multiple countries to date. 


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