What is the Circular Economy

The ‘circular economy’ is concerned with keeping equipment and assets in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them while they are in use. Then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of a product’s life. Reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order.

Why do things differently?

Within the energy and resources sector, a significant amount of specialist equipment and infrastructure, is wasted, undervalued, or sold without the chance of being reused for its original purpose. Evolve Surplus believes there is a compelling case for generating economic value and environmental benefit from proactively working to put specialist equipment and infrastructure into perpetual use cycles – rather than just wasting it.

Solutions to deliver both Sustainability and Profits

When companies in the energy and resources sector seek to improve the sustainability of their operations, such change often comes at a cost. Therefore sustainability initiatives are often at odds with the existing pressures within these organisations to save costs, manage supply chain pressures, and minimise business disruption.

Evolve Surplus delivers solutions for equipment and infrastructure where companies can achieve both sustainability and cost savings for their operations.

Benefits of utilising a circular economy model

  • reduction of waste, carbon emissions and overall environmental footprint

  • increasing the security of the supply for equipment and assets

  • cost saving on equipment and infrastructure

  • reducing the loss of value that occurs in specialist equipment and assets

  • stimulating innovation and increased competitiveness

  • improving operational flexibility

What does Sustainability mean for Evolve Surplus

At its core sustainability is about eliminating waste, reducing lost value, and discovering smarter ways to operate. To Evolve Surplus, reducing waste and capturing greater value within the energy and resources sector is not just a passion but also a necessity for our business model.

Reporting of Emissions Savings

Evolve Surplus has a continual focus on measuring and objectively reporting the emissions savings which are generated through our activities and engagements. Clients are presented with a sustainability report at the end of major engagements which illustrate the environmental improvements created by their decision to partner with Evolve Surplus.

Why is a business like Evolve Surplus required in the first place?

Simply put, managing specialist equipment and infrastructure is very challenging, and can be a distraction from an energy company’s core business activities. Many companies choose to engage auction houses or metal recycling groups which quickly dispose of surplus equipment. However disposing of specialist equipment in this way delivers only a fraction of the original value or it can limit the possibility of reuse.

Specialist equipment and infrastructure, such as that found in the subsea oil and gas sector, requires a significant amount of industry specific knowledge coupled with a global market reach to ensure sustainable and profitable outcomes are realised. Evolve Surplus goes the extra mile to add value for specialist equipment and infrastructure and ensure the financial and environmental benefits can flow onto clients.


At Evolve Surplus we are proving out a business model that genuinely values environmental and client capital. We’re committed to making sure the impact Evolve Surplus has economically and environmentally is positive, and contributes in some small way to a global change.