The Organisation

Evolve Surplus delivers circular economy solutions which facilitate reuse and refurbishment of specialist equipment and infrastructure in the energy and resources sector.


Our Vision

Evolve Surplus helps clients accelerate towards a more sustainable and less capital intensive mode of operating.


The organisation delivers circular economy solutions for specialist equipment and infrastructure in the energy and resources sector.


Realising ambitious circular economy projects requires a different way of working, a different way of collaborating and a new business model.


Evolve Surplus works to minimise equipment and infrastructure waste by delivering tailored programs which target the specific challenges faced by our clients and provides access to a global marketplace.



“Evolve Surplus’s mission is to substantially reduce emissions and generate greater value for client’s from existing equipment and assets.”

Our Business

A Different Path

Unlike many groups whose business model benefit from maintaining the status quo of industrial equipment waste and disposals, Evolve Surplus works with clients fundamentally change how they manage equipment and assets, to generate more value, and deliver real sustainability benefits.


We do not wish to sit by and continue to see equipment and assets go to waste.


What Makes Evolve Surplus Different 01.

Skin in the Game

Evolve Surplus purposefully creates commercial models with incentives to align our interests with that of our client’s.